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DEAN- “What the hell happened?” 

CAS- “There was a pastry mishap.”

DEAN- “Okay, and?”

CAS- “And the frosting reached near-supersonic speeds. I thought –”

#I love how upset they look over the ‘pastry mishap’ #maybe Cas was worried that Dean would be traumatized, especially if it would have been pie exploding #Saving pastries, eating pies-The Family Business 

"Dad’s on a cupcake run. He hasn’t been back in a few days."

omfg yes!   

Dean could say…Son of a biscotti!  Instead of salads, Sam could eat like muffins or gluten free baked goods and Dean is like, Dammit Sammy that’s not a freaking pastry 

when Cas gets upset at God “I found a bakery and I ate it”

"I’m the one who gripped you tight and took you out of the oven"

This is dad’s single most valuable possession. Every recipe he knows about every delicious dish is in here

Haha omg.   

'You're a better baker than your daddy ever was.'

'I lost my spatula.'      

 “Baker picks the music, sous chef shuts his cake hole.”


"You never give up on family. Ever." – Dean Winchester


To celebrate a big number like 1,000 followers, you need something big in return, right? So why not tell the Winchester family’s story from pre-series up to first half of season 2, I say!

Thank you guys. For everything. This hellhoundsprey-thing makes me feel the completest I’ve felt in years. Your support means more to me than you probably think ♥.



Tim is really good at this new musical instrument.

oh my god

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